Self Defense

We live in a troubled world. Every day people become victims of increasing crime. Each hour thousands of accidents occur in towns where a particular person's security or sometimes even life depends on his or her ability to struggle for own or folks' life rather than on the professional skills of the forces of law and order.

There is only one person in the world who can either pull you down to the bottom or pull you up to the surface; and it's no-one but you!

The system of personal security, the system of extreme survival is a whole complex of knowledge and skills which - at a certain moment - can secure you and save your life by applying an extraordinary effective self-defense system.

Russian Urban Self-defense System is a combination of different Russian fighting systems which were designed strictly for military use in real war situations. This system was tested many times over past hundred years, including World War II, Afghanistan war and Chechnia war. It is a realistic combat style of fighting with real-life, rather than sport, application. It involves a unique open-hand striking system, kicking, and joint techniques.

Unlike many Asian styles, we have no predetermined fighting stances, but teach you to defend yourself against attackers from any position. Students will learn to deal with non-traditional situations such as fighting from a chair or while in a car. We teach you to turn everything that happens to be in your hands into weapon.

There is no difference between working with your hands, legs, weapons or improvised means in this style. We train on a street, in the buildings, on stairs and in any other place were street fights happen.

Here is a video highlight of our self defence system.

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